Art Exhibition: Parallel Journey by Erina Tamrakar and Asha Dangol

Parallel Journey: An Art Exhibition by Erina Tamrakar and Asha Dangol is on display at MCUBE Gallery, Mitra Road, Chakupat, from February 3 to February 17, in collaboration with Manish Lal Shrestha.

The couple depicted the journey of togetherness via art creations and explored how everyday life can be elevated with trust, love, and care, targeting February, “the month of love.” Since 2017, the couple has been working together on art projects that represent the stories of emotions, travel, nature, and cultures.

Speaking about her art, Erina Tamrakar said, “My art forms highlight women’s power and feminity through an exploration of vibrant colors and bold statements.” “I titled my series “The Third Eye” to portray that God does not require a Third Eye, but humans do—to clear the fog of daily life and see life as it should be lived.”

Asha Dangol outlined his approach to art to The Buzz Nepal, saying, “I try to convey social issues in each canvas I create and express that humanity is not as free as it believes, and now it is the animals that are perhaps freer than humans.” So, I gave my series the name “I Am Human.”

After working in various art forms for many years, Erina Tamrakar has been enthusiastic to play with colors and portray women’s power and feminity in her artworks, while Asha Dangol expresses his love for nature and depicts social issues via contemporary art forms.

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