BBQ Brunch Saturday at Gokarna Forest Resort

Enjoy the peace and nature of Gokarna Forest Resort, which is located a long way from the hectic, chaotic city. Every Saturday from 12pm to 3pm, the Gokarna Forest Resort hosts a BBQ brunch with a large selection of food dishes and live music. Swimming in their heated indoor pool is an option as well.

First, we have a salad bar with a large selection of salads. The standout dish had to be the apple slaw, which was presented in a glass with spiced applejuice. Light appetizers include a watermelon, sweet corn glass and a chicken dish with salsa. The chicken platter, which featured delicate chicken with salsa and a pepper seasoning, unquestionably won people over. Additionally, there were crispy nachos with pineapple salsa. Fun fact: Any fruit can be used to makesalsa.

A wide variety of Newari delicacies, including Bara, Bhatmas Sadheko, Aloo Bodi Tama, and Choilas, were available at the Newari stall. The spices on the platter were well-balanced and not at all overbearing, giving the food an authentic flavor.

Without some momos, brunch would not be complete. Momos were to die for with a broad selection of live momo counters providing both veg and chicken. The BBQs, the brunch’s main attraction, were also included in the live portion. The taste was justified by two types of imported sausages from Germany. Vietnamese live fish steak has the mildest yet ideal flavors. The flavorful BBQ chicken wings will tempt you to eat the entire plate since they are so full of flavor. For vegetarians, you also have grilled vegetables.

You also have the choice of Biryanis, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of Biryani. With Raita, it is delicious. Penne, spaghetti, taglatelle, and red or white sauce are available at the live pasta counter. We went for white sauce, a few simple toppings, lots of cheese, and mushrooms. However, you have a selection of about 10 condiments.

With roughly 10 different dessert variations to pick from, the dessert section has it all. Pastries include coconut, cranberry, and many others. The delicious, creamy cheesecake with strawberry toppings is undoubtedly our favorite. The crowd’s favorites included Gulab Jamun and white and dark chocolate mousse.

The location, not just the food, makes for the ideal Saturday with family or friends with live music, swimming, and as many refills of your palate as you desire. Also, you can play golf on their popular course, which is well-known throughout all of South Asia.

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