Best Online Shopping Store For Men

The rise of minimalism and basic clothing has revolutionized men’s fashion. Even though flamboyant fashion is still prevalent in the country many young men are inclined towards wearing casual yet comfortable clothing.

This evolution in clothing trends for men has been catered to by many clothing brands and outlets. The Buzz Nepal presents you with some of the most popular online Nepali men’s shopping stores are


HUBA Nepal is a premium Unisex clothing brand catered to the young urban population of major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. With more than 19k followers on Instagram, HUBA is best known for its simple, high-quality aesthetic. Even though on the pricier side, HUBA’s products are high quality and long-lasting. They were also able to bag a collaboration with Nepali pop sensation Sajjan Raj Vaidya.

Photos from Huba: Nepali Brand

UFO Nepal

UFO Nepal is one of the first stores opened with an exclusive collection of stylish clothes and shoes for youth which was established in February 1996 in Ranjana, Kathmandu. With more than 25 years of experience, UFO Nepal sells premium quality of unisex clothes which are quite popular among youngsters due to its stylish collections. You can get stylish quality clothes according to your choice for an affordable amount. UFO Nepal became one of the successful brands because of its unique and innovative shopping concept.

Photo From UFO Nepal


Maximalysm spelled with a Y is a Nepali unisex clothing brand, shipping all around the world. They are best known for their unorthodox pieces like the Shanti and Haku trench coats. Internationally sold, Maximalysm products have exceptional quality and the build is long-lasting. This brand is an exception in the list as its products are flamboyant and stand out greatly in any ordinary setting.

Photo From Maximalysm


Brocade is one of the pioneers of streetwear in Nepal and has been able to solidify its name in the urban clothing industry. Brocade has simple and high-quality products that last longer and have a high level of comfort. With over 40k followers on Instagram, Brocade is best known for its jackets, shirts, and full t-shirts. 

Photo From Brocade

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