Charu Chand Thakur: A Journey of Education, Entrepreneurship, and Social Welfare

Charu Chand Thakur’s educational journey began at St. Mary’s High School, where she completed her Senior Cambridge education. Continuing her academic pursuits at Trichandra Multiple Campus, she obtained an Intermediate in Science followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Furthering her expertise, she attended Kathmandu Shiksha Campus, specializing in Education with a focus on school administration and supervision. Her academic journey culminated at Tribhuwan University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Sociology.

Thakur’s career reflects a diverse range of roles and responsibilities. She started as a primary teacher at Kinder Heart’s Primary School from 1984 to 1985, followed by I.J. Pioneer School from 1985 to 1990. In 1990, she ventured into administration as the Owner and Executive Director of Administration & Finance at Himalayan Holidays Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Thakur returned to education as Principal of I.J. Pioneer High School from 1993 to 1998 and later at New Millennium High School from 1998 to 2003. Since 2003, she has successfully led Himalayan Holidays Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd. as Owner and Executive Director, and she also serves as Managing Director and Owner of Sodasi Salon & Spa Pvt. Ltd.

Outside her professional endeavors, Thakur has been actively engaged in social initiatives. She served as General Secretary of the Mothers’ Club from 2001 to 2004, advocating for the social and economic upliftment of women. From 2005 to 2008, she held the position of Vice President at NYCDS (Children’s Home), contributing to the welfare of underprivileged children. Since 2008, she has continued her impactful work as Vice President of Mission Himalaya, a non-profit organization dedicated to various charitable causes, including the establishment and management of Eco Home for Orphan and Underprivileged Children. Charu Chand Thakur’s life and career exemplify a steadfast commitment to education, entrepreneurship, and social welfare, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change in her community.

What strategies would you implement to ensure that clients are happy with the services they receive and continue to support the salon?

First and foremost the service provided to the clients is of utmost importance. To satisfy the clients we have to have well trained, experienced and disciplined staff members. Once the clients are happy then they will prefer to continue with the services in our salon and spa. Another equally important aspect is that the ambiance and cleanliness of the surroundings and the utmost comfort of the clients have to be well taken care of.

In your opinion, what are the most effective marketing strategies for promoting a salon and increasing its client base?

Ans:  Our clients are our gods. Their utmost satisfaction is the key to our success. A satisfied and happy client will act as our ambassador and spread the word around and will automatically help to enhance the reputation of our salon and spa. There are various other effective marketing strategies like social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Advertisements on television, radio, magazines etc. Distribution of pamphlets, business cards, etc to reach out to the people. To provide certain benefits to clients by providing them with gift vouchers and packages at very reasonable prices.

What are you passionate about or what keeps you entertained, motivated, refreshed?

I am passionate about my work and responsibilities. I give my hundred percent to whatever I have undertaken to do. I love music as it gives me immense satisfaction, other hobbies I have are reading books of all types, watching movies mostly Hollywood, gardening, etc. I get motivated by people’s positive life experiences and the positivity of the people around me.

What is the best thing to do in Nepal that you would suggest to a tourist or visitor? 

Our country is blessed by nature and diverse culture. So my suggestion to any tourist coming to Nepal is to experience in a balanced way both our nature and culture.

Any other issues you would like to talk about?