Colours of Happiness and Love Celebrated at Kathmandu Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott!!

On Monday, March 7, the Kathmandu Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott hosted a vibrant Holi celebration with upbeat live DJ music and tons of enjoyable activities. On this day, people gathered to play holi, which involves dousing colour on the loved ones. People from all walks of life gathered at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel to take part in the celebration, filling the hotel with the beats of music and energizing dance moves.

Festivals are always intended to renew our spirits and thoughts with positive energy, and the excitement is amplified when they take place at the Kathmandu Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott.

Holi adds a fun break from your daily routine while you enjoy the colours and happiness. People in Nepal honoured it in the best possible way by using colour, indulging in beverages, and feasting on delicious momos and choila.

As the music and dancing reached their crescendo, the people enjoyed a delicious Holi Special dinner. Everyone, who attended, had an absolutely unforgettable experience, with the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel being transformed into a vivacious festival of love, happiness, and colours.

It was all together an awesome experience. The Kathmandu Marriott Hotel and Fairfield by Marriott pulled off an amazing day to remember and created an unforgettable atmosphere of joy, laughter and enthusiasm.

Article by: Simran Shrestha

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