Dayahang Rai Starrer ‘A Road to a Village’ Sets Release Date

The much-anticipated film “Gau Aayeko Bato,” or “A Road to a Village,” directed by Nabin Subba, has officially announced its release date. The production team unveiled a poster on Friday, confirming that the film is set to hit theaters on January 18 next year. Starring actor Dayahang Rai in the lead role, the movie explores the dynamics of relationships within a family after the arrival of a son in the village.

The narrative, crafted by Nabin Subba and Mahesh Rai, promises a compelling storyline depicting the transformations and challenges faced by the family in the aftermath of the son’s return to the village. Dayahang Rai’s portrayal of the central character adds an extra layer of depth to the film.

Apart from Dayahang Rai, the cast includes Pashupati Rai and Prashan Rai, who contribute their acting prowess to the project. The collaboration between Nabin Subba and Amod Rai in the directorial capacity ensures a cinematic experience that is both innovative and engaging.

What sets “Gau Aayeko Bato” apart is its international recognition even before its release, as the production team has actively participated in various international film festivals. With its foundation in a compelling storyline, the film is generating significant anticipation among audiences, who are eager to witness the skilled storytelling and stellar performances on the big screen. As the release date approaches, “Gau Aaeko Bato” stands poised to make a mark in the cinematic landscape, offering a unique and captivating cinematic experience to the audience.

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