Dipak Basnet’s “Mero Bhagwan”: A Touching Tribute to Migrant Workers

In the midst of the ongoing Israel incident, a poignant and timely new song has emerged, bringing to light the hardships faced by individuals working abroad. The song, titled “Mero Bhagwan,” is the brainchild of former sniper Dipak Basnet, who not only conceptualized the piece but also took on a leading role within it.

This musical endeavor showcases the remarkable talents of various Nepali artists, highlighting the power of music to tell compelling stories. Mina Nepali, with her melodious voice, has breathed life into the lyrics, skillfully composed by Shiv Anurag. The song’s arrangement, mixing, and recording were expertly handled by Pawan Ranabhat, while Rohit Bhat lent his expertise in the form of flute melodies. Bhuvan Gandharva added depth and rhythm with instruments such as Dholak, Tabla, Madal, and Duff.

The music video accompanying “Mero Bhagwan” boasts a visually captivating narrative, with Dipak Basnet himself portraying the role of a young man compelled to seek employment abroad. Bandana Bailey delivers a powerful performance as the woman left to support her family in the wake of her husband’s departure. The supporting cast, including Bishnu Prasad Humagai, Madhav Humagai, and child actor Pragathi Humagai, contribute equally compelling performances.

The song’s video, skillfully edited by Milan Bishwakarma and brought to life by director Maan Sherchan, is a testament to the collaborative effort that went into its creation. “Mero Bhagwan” stands as a heartfelt and authentic tribute to the struggles of those who venture abroad in pursuit of a better future. It is a testament to the resilience of individuals and their families, capturing the emotions and challenges that come with foreign employment. Dipak Basnet’s production has managed to create a moving and evocative piece of art that resonates deeply with its audience, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices and dreams of countless individuals seeking a better life beyond their homeland.

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