Dr. Damodar Pandey’s New Song ‘Timro Yaad’

Dr. Damodar Pandey, a talented singer with a deep connection to his Nepali roots, has just released his latest music video, ‘Timro Yaad.’ This much-anticipated song showcases Pandey’s lyrical prowess and love for Nepali music.

The song, unveiled today on the NapMelo YouTube channel, features Dr. Pandey’s heartfelt lyrics set to music composed by Upendra Lal Singh. Pramod Pariyar, the skilled arranger, has added his magic touch to the arrangement, creating a harmonious and melodious tune.

The video for ‘Timro Yaad’ was masterfully directed by San Thapa and beautifully captured by cinematographer Buddha Thapa. Models Bikash Lamichhane and Samarika Dhakal, the stars of the video, have poured their hearts and souls into bringing the song to life, delivering a stunning visual representation.

Dr. Damodar Pandey’s journey is an inspiring one. Born in Nepal and raised there, he pursued a career in medicine and now resides in America. However, his love for his Nepali heritage and music has remained unwavering. ‘Timro Yaad’ is a testament to his enduring passion for Nepali culture and his commitment to sharing it with the world.

This latest release is a reflection of Dr. Pandey’s dedication to keeping the Nepali spirit alive through music, and it’s sure to strike a chord with music enthusiasts both in Nepal and abroad.

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