eSewa Launches eSpeaker: QR Payment Innovation

In a move set to transform QR code payment verification for businesses in Nepal, eSewa has unveiled its latest innovation, the eSewa eSpeaker. This voice-enabled QR standee device is designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of QR code payments, eliminating the dependence on SMS notifications.

Traditionally, businesses in Nepal have relied on SMS messages to confirm the success of QR code payments, requiring them to keep their linked mobile numbers accessible at all times. However, delayed or missed SMS messages can lead to challenges in promptly verifying transactions. To address these concerns, eSewa has collaborated with Yarsa Tech, a local consumer electronics company, to introduce the eSewa eSpeaker.

The eSewa eSpeaker offers a seamless solution by providing instant audio notifications when customers successfully complete QR payments. It is compatible with both GSM mode and Wi-Fi connections, ensuring reliable and timely alerts. Businesses can request this innovative device via the eSewa app or website, making the transaction verification process more convenient.

Starting on November 20, 2023, eSewa will begin shipping the eSpeaker devices to QR merchants across Nepal. In the spirit of celebration, eSewa is offering a special discounted price of NPR 3,600, which covers installation, delivery, and VAT. Additionally, eSewa has plans to introduce a rental model in the future, allowing merchants to access the eSpeaker for a monthly fee, further enhancing the flexibility of this innovative solution.

With the eSewa eSpeaker, businesses in Nepal can look forward to a more efficient and reliable method of verifying QR code payments, ultimately streamlining their operations and enhancing the customer experience.

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