‘Farki Farki’ Begins: Anmol and Jassita Lead Star-Studded Cast

In a ceremonious event held at Lalitpur’s Banglamukhi Mai Mandir, the auspicious inauguration of the upcoming Nepali film “Farki Farki” took place, featuring the dynamic duo of actor Anmol K.C. and actress Jassita Gurung in lead roles. The ceremony, conducted at a propitious moment, marked the initiation of the film’s journey, surrounded by the divine aura of the revered temple.

The entire film crew, including directors, artists, and technical staff, participated in the religious ceremonies conducted during the auspicious moment. The film, set to commence shooting on the 11th of Mangsir (end of November), will be directed by Suyog Gurung.

Hailing from Pokhara, the cinematography will be spearheaded by Rohit Adhikari and Om Agrawal, jointly contributing to the production of “Farki Farki.” The film boasts a narrative and screenplay crafted by Suyog, promising audiences a taste of engaging storytelling.

Apart from the lead duo, Anmol and Jassita, the film also features a talented ensemble cast including Nirmal Sharma, Binda Khatiwada, Ashik Gurung, Maotse Gurung, Ruska Vaidya Shrestha, Arnav Ghimire, and more. The anticipation surrounding the film has reached a fever pitch, especially with the enthusiasm displayed by Anmol and Jassita, who seem dedicated to delivering a captivating performance.

“Farki Farki” is poised to become a cinematic experience that transcends the ordinary with its engaging storyline and a cast of talented actors. As the film enters the shooting phase, audiences eagerly await the unveiling of this new Nepali cinematic venture, destined to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of viewers. Stay tuned for more updates as the film progresses towards its much-anticipated release.

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