Fashion Empire’s Debut Beauty Pageant: Royalty of Fashion Empire Season 1

Nepal’s modeling industry took a remarkable stride towards transformation as Fashion Empire, a pioneering modeling agency, orchestrated a spectacular event on July 29, 2023. With an unwavering commitment to instigating positive change within the realm of modeling, the agency presented its inaugural Beauty Pageant, the captivating “Royalty of Fashion Empire Season 1.”

The driving force behind this fresh and invigorating endeavor is a team of dynamic individuals who are passionate about reshaping the narrative of Nepalese modeling. Led by the visionary CEO Rayesh Shrestha and ably supported by Managing Director Bikash Pradhan, Choreographer Rohan Shrestha, Fashion Designer Jarina Maharjan, Coordinator Suhana Maharjan, and Utsav Silakar, the agency brings together a perfect blend of youthful energy, experience, and determination.

The event proved to be a resounding success, captivating attendees with an enthralling showcase of talent, confidence, and sheer potential. Each participant exuded remarkable skills, showcasing a level of self-assurance that promises a bright and promising future within the industry. As the runway came alive with grace and style, it was evident that the Beauty Pageant marked a turning point in the way Nepalese modeling is perceived.

The crowning glory of the night was the announcement of the winners, a testament to the dedication and hard work put forth by the contestants. Trishakti Bhujel and Prinsha Nakarmi emerged as the triumphant duo, showcasing their exceptional talents and earning well-deserved recognition.

Acknowledgment was also extended to the first runners-up, Sujan Dulal and Pragati Bhattrai, who captured the hearts of the audience with their exceptional presence and charm.

The second-place runners-up, Shuban Pradhan and Anishma Khati, added to the evening’s splendor with their remarkable performances.

In a special moment of recognition, the organizer’s choice award was bestowed upon Abhishek Gupta and Shurakhshya Maharjan, acknowledging their distinctive contributions to the event.

Fashion Empire’s debut Beauty Pageant not only marked a significant milestone in the agency’s journey but also set a new standard for excellence within Nepal’s modeling arena. As the applause faded and the spotlight dimmed, the participants left the stage with newfound confidence and aspirations, poised to illuminate the path ahead in the world of fashion. This event is not just a celebration of beauty; it’s a celebration of empowerment, aspiration, and the promise of a transformed modeling landscape.

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