Five Exercises for a Bigger and Broader Shoulders

More than a routine unplanned workout, a specialized planned exercise that targets your specific muscles is the most effective technique to perform any exercise and you may notice the fastest growing results. Shoulders are one of the hottest and most important body parts in a man’s body, and when it comes with broader and bigger shoulders, demonstrate enormous masculinity, and every man desires for it. Also, the shoulder is my favourite workout, and completing the perfect set of shoulder exercises delivers an unbeatable feeling. It is mainly composed of three basic regions of the shoulder, namely the anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoids, and each has a distinct workout that makes your shoulder appealing and 3D. Today, we’ll go over the top five shoulder workouts that target all three parts of the shoulder. 

These are the five greatest shoulder workouts for making your shoulders more attractive, bigger, and broader.

Military/ Barbell overhead press

The military press is considered as one of the best strength-building exercises and is done by many powerlifters. The military press is arguably the best compound exercise for your shoulders as it activates all the delts, providing the shoulder with a circular look. The best technique to complete this exercise is to choose appropriate weights and grasp the barbell with a pronated (palm facing forward) grip, ensuring the bar grip is broader than shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and place the barbell on your collarbone. Lift the barbell up by exhaling and slowly put down the barbell on your chest by inhaling. And repeat for the recommended number of reps.

Lateral Raise

Many believe that lateral raises are the best isolation shoulder exercise. The lateral raise directly activates the shoulder’s lateral head, provides it with a better size, and is also responsible for creating a flow between the biceps and the shoulder. To complete this exercise, you should stand tall and carry the proper weight of dumbbells. Raise your arms simultaneously till they create a “T” shape and breathe out as you slowly lower the dumbbells.

Front Raise

The front raises are another great isolation exercise that activates the front deltoids of the shoulder. The front raises are fun and, when done properly, can make the shoulders greatly sore. Your arms should be extended, palms facing down, with a slight bend in the elbows to reduce joint stress and pull the weights upward while inhaling. Pause while your arms are parallel to the floor, then exhale and drop the dumbbells to the starting positions.  In order to increase its effectiveness, I would suggest you sit on a chair and do it. This reduces momentum and activates the shoulder more.

Arnold Press

Arnold press is one of the best shoulder exercises which makes your shoulder attractive and rounder and is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. The press activates all the deltoids and allows the trainee to add more weight and volume. This exercise may be done either sitting or standing. First, grip two dumbbells while keeping your head and spine in a neutral position. And begin the lift’s positive phase by pressing towards the ceiling while spreading your elbows wide and away from your body. Once your palms begin to face forward as a result of wrist rotation, move smoothly and push the dumbbells overhead, pause at the top, and then reverse the process back to the starting position.

Upright Row

The upright row is regarded as one of the finest muscle builders for the back, traps, and shoulders. It could be potentially harmful if not performed properly, which could result in injury. You need a barbell to do this exercise and requires keeping your back straight, chest up, and eyes focused forward. You have to exhale while lifting the barbell up (toward the chin), pause at the top, and then inhale while lowering the barbell to the starting position. 

It is important to know that one exercise requires three proper sets of 12-10-8 reps with an increment of weight and good technique, and doing a lot of exercise with heavy weights is unnecessary. If you are a beginner, you may execute three exercises from the list above with the advice of your trainer to help you build broad shoulders.

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