Five Successful Brands ‘Made in Nepal’

Nepal has many talented and innovative entrepreneurs, who have created and established some of the most successful brands.

Despite the rise in imports and the random shifts in consumer preferences, there are many successful brands that have been able to establish themselves as successful brands in Nepal.

The Buzz Nepal presents you with the five most successful brands that have made an impact in the Nepalese market as well as in the international arena.

Goldstar Shoes

Goldstar Shoes is one of the most successful shoe brands in Nepal. With decades of experience, Goldstar has grown from being a small start-up to one of the leading footwear brands in Nepal and has even ventured into the international market. Their success can be attributed to their quality craftsmanship, fashionable designs, and affordable prices.

Chaudhary Group (CG)

Chaudhary Group (CG) is renowned for its top-of-the-line products, innovative marketing techniques, and customer service. It has elevated the pride of Nepal to a global level. CG has managed to successfully provide a wide range of products and services, from snacks to home appliances, establishing itself as a leading brand in the country.


Dulla has been successful in infusing the Nepalese market with high-quality leather products such as leather bags, shoes, and purses. With the excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, and sophisticated designs of their products, it has managed to capture the attention of both the local and international customers.


Okhar is a well-known Nepalese brand that places an emphasis on producing handmade Nepalese merchandise from walnut wood. Products from Okhar are handmade, luxurious, and distinctive. They are renowned for their unique and exquisite designs, fine quality, and customizable attributes.

Yarchagumba Beverages

Yarchagumba beverages have been able to commercialise products made with the medicinal herb, Yarchagumba, and have revolutionised the Nepalese beverage market. Their natural ingredients, innovative packaging, and customer-focused marketing strategies have enabled Yarchagumba Beverages to capture a substantial share of the local market.

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