From Dreams to Runways: Irina Shrestha’s Story

In the bustling fashion scene of Nepal, one name shines brightly: Irina Shrestha. This young and vibrant model has captured the hearts of many with her humility, dedication, and unbridled enthusiasm for the world of fashion. Irina’s journey from a dreamer to a runway sensation is a testament to her unwavering passion and determination.

The Spark of Inspiration

When asked about the inspiration behind her modeling career, Irina’s eyes light up. “The vision in my head of me being in the spotlight and walking down the runway inspired me to become a model,” she confesses. Irina’s fascination with the artistry of makeup, the allure of designer dresses, and the electric energy of the stage pushed her towards a path that she would soon dominate.

What Sets Irina Apart

In a world teeming with aspiring models, Irina stands out. She believes her ability to empathize with different perspectives and her extroverted, friendly nature make her unique. But there’s more to it than that. “I am very punctual and easy to work with,” she asserts. Her professionalism and reliability have won her the respect of designers and fellow models alike.

Memories to Cherish

Irina’s journey has been adorned with countless memorable experiences. “Every runway I’ve walked has been super memorable and fun,” she reminisces. She highlights TGIF Fashion Week as one of her most exhilarating experiences and Miss Glam World 2022 as a platform that opened doors to international opportunities.

Dreams Beyond Modeling

While Irina thrives as a model, her dreams reach beyond the runway. “I don’t just want to work as a model; my dream job is to be a renowned fashion choreographer and groomer all over Nepal,” she reveals. Irina’s aspiration is not just personal success but also to nurture and guide upcoming talents, fostering the growth of the industry she loves.

Challenges in the Spotlight

Being a model is not all glamour and glitz. Irina acknowledges the challenges the industry faces, including the lack of established agencies, inconsistent income, and, at times, inadequate compensation. She also emphasizes the need for professional modeling training to empower aspiring models with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Additionally, safety and security remain concerns, especially for female models, who may face harassment or exploitation.

The Future of Nepali Modeling

What does the future hold for the modeling industry in Nepal? Irina believes it’s a mix of promise and challenge. Globalization and digital media are expanding opportunities for local talent, while collaborations with international agencies and brands could bridge the gap between regional limitations and global exposure.

The Key to Success

For aspiring models, Irina offers sage advice: “Hard work and consistency towards your passion for being a model are the keys to a successful modeling career.” Success, in her eyes, is the fruit of dedication and unwavering commitment.

In a competitive industry, Irina’s strategy is simple: “By making myself better every day in every possible way.” Her commitment to self-improvement and growth fuels her success.

Promoting Positivity and Diversity

In a world where standards of beauty are evolving, Irina sees her role as a model as promoting body positivity and diversity. She encourages everyone to embrace their unique body shapes and sizes and advocates for inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry.

Myth-Busting in the Industry

One of the biggest misconceptions about the modeling industry, according to Irina, is the notion that it prioritizes physical appearance above all else. While looks matter, she highlights the importance of professionalism, adaptability, versatility, hard work, and dedication. Successful models, she believes, must master various skills and maintain a strong work ethic.

Advice from a Rising Star

Irina’s parting words to aspiring models are filled with wisdom. She advises diversifying portfolios to showcase versatility, upholding professionalism at all times, and understanding the business side of modeling.

In Irina Shrestha, Nepal’s modeling scene has found a star who not only graces runways but also aspires to illuminate the path for others. With her vision, dedication, and passion, she is not just a model but a guiding light for the industry’s future. Irina Shrestha is living her dream, and her journey is an inspiration for those who dare to chase their own.

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