‘Fulbari’ Trailer Highlights Social Issues in Nepalese Society

The official trailer for the Nepalese social drama film, Fulbari, has been released on YouTube on Tuesday evening, with high hopes for the Nepali film industry. This family drama film is directed by Ram Babu Gurung and written by Upendra Dubba, with Kamal Kishor Malpani’s concept and story. The movie is produced under the banner of Yasodha Films with a cast of Nepal’s prominent actors like Bipin Karki, Dayahang Rai, Aruna Karki, Priyanka Karki, Gaumaya Gurung, Shilpa Maskey, and so on. Similarly, Manish Dhakal is the producer of the film. 

One month after the teaser, the official trailer is released, showing the couple, Bipin Karki and Aruna Karki, in their old age and retired from their job, expecting their sons to care for them and they hope to live together with them in their retirement and old age, but as it turns out, their three sons have other plans. It also demonstrates that they have issues living with their daughter-in-law and that their sons are unconcerned about their mother’s serious health condition. On the other hand, Dayahang Rai seems to be a devoted son, who enjoys spending time in the village with his elderly mother.

This 2 hrs 10 min movie is going to be a bundle of emotions and shows the present situation taking place in the Nepalese societies. This movie has great expectations that it will keep the families together and it really makes you cry. To behold this masterpiece, you can watch it in the cinema on February 17, 2023 (Falgun 5) with your family. 

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