Hari Bansha Acharya to Shine in Binod Paudel’s “Bhutan”

Renowned Nepali director Binod Paudel, acclaimed for his work in the film ‘Bulbul,’ has recently announced his new project titled ‘Bhutan.’ The film, also known as ‘The World’s Happiest Man’ in English, features the talented actor Hari Bansha Acharya in the lead role, along with a stellar cast including Dayahang Rai, Joya Pandey, Anuradha Majumdar, Pooja Chand Lama, Richa Ghimire, Aditi Poudel, Tam Crane, Vimal Suvedi, and Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya.

The storyline revolves around the patriotism and life experiences of Bhutanese individuals who have migrated to the United States from Bhutan, India, and Nepal. The script of ‘Bhutan’ garnered attention at the 2019 Busan Film Festival’s script pitching.

Producer Aviral Thapa expressed confidence in the film’s potential to establish a unique identity in the international film market. The movie is set to be presented globally, with executive producers LN Adhikari and Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya ensuring its presence across various platforms and Hollywood distribution.

Rajendra Thakuri, Amitabh Joshi, and Aviral Thapa are the key producers, while Kaushila Khanal, Shailash Manandhar, Deepak Dasnaami, and others contribute as executive producers. The film, shot entirely in Ohio, USA, aims for a 2025 release, with renowned figures like Susun Prajapati, Anjan Khadka, and Anjan Gajurel contributing their expertise to different aspects of the production. This collaborative effort between Mad Monkey Films, Dogyard Pictures, and Aaveshan Productions is anticipated to leave a lasting impact on both Nepali and international audiences.

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