Inside ‘Kalpatra’: Nepali Politics Unveiled in a Gripping Novel

Renowned journalist Purushottam Dahal has unveiled his eleventh creation, the gripping political fiction novel ‘Kalpatra.’ With a sharp eye for detail, Dahal exposes the deep-rooted maladies that plague Nepali politics, leaving readers intrigued by the question: Are Nepali political leaders as depicted in the novel?

‘Kalpatra’ takes readers on a thrilling journey through the murky world of Nepali politics. Dahal, drawing from his decades of observation, paints a bleak picture of the politicians who wield power and influence. The story revolves around the rise of the Sajjanlok Party, a fresh political force that soon reveals its hollow ideology and rampant corruption.

The novel delves into the multifaceted issues that afflict the Nepali polity, raising questions about organization building, leadership, cadre-leader relations, money dominating politics, and the erosion of ideology. It exposes the nexus between politicians and bureaucrats, the fading morality, and the dishonor of democracy.

As readers immerse themselves in the story, they encounter a cast of intriguing characters. Kukarma, the main protagonist, ascends to the position of minister but succumbs to the allure of money, power, and party influence, forgetting the promises made to the people. Lawanti, a smart and ambitious female leader, enters the political fray, becoming a crucial connection between Kukarma and the grassroots cadres. Their entangled relationship, abhorrent yet hidden due to Kukarma’s power, adds an extra layer of suspense.

‘Kalpatra’ is a rollercoaster of uncertainty, chaos, and deception. It explores themes of moral decay, manipulation, and the desperate yearning for change. The tragic ends of both Kukarma and Lawanti leave readers contemplating the devastating impact of their choices and the depths of corruption in the political sphere.

Published by Impression Publication and Media Pvt. Ltd., ‘Kalpatra’ is a captivating novel priced at Rs 525. Prepare to be enthralled by the twisted world of Nepali politics as Dahal’s masterful storytelling sheds light on the urgent need for reform. Through its gripping narrative, ‘Kalpatra’ urges readers to reflect on the state of politics, holding a mirror up to the maladies and anomalies that plague the Nepali polity.

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