KINA – Degree Maila Song Released

“Kina,” the touching song featured in the upcoming film “Degree Maila,” serves as a heartfelt reflection on life’s challenges and dreams. Created with sincere lyrics, moving melody, and emotional vocals by the talented Hemant Rana, the song offers a peek into the emotional journey of characters played by Dayahang Rai and Aanchal Sharma. Against their struggles and aspirations, “Kina” captures a sense of longing and self-reflection that deeply connects with listeners.

Produced by Baasuri Films and directed by Ram Babu Gurung, this musical gem is enhanced by the skilled musical arrangement of ZANRIX, creating a rich and immersive sound. The careful mixing and mastering by Pradeep Joshi further improve the song’s impact, ensuring that every note carries emotion and clarity.

As audiences await the film’s release on April 12, 2080, “Kina” acts as an engaging introduction, preparing viewers for the cinematic journey ahead. With its emotional storytelling and heartfelt composition, this song promises to make a lasting impression, inviting viewers to explore the world of “Degree Maila” and the complexities of life.