Kohi Bachdaina by Prakash Saput: Attempt to Combat Corruption

Prakash Saput released a new folk song, “Kohi Bachdaina,” in association with the commission for the investigation of abuse of authority as an endeavor to eradicate corruption. Parkash Saput and Rachana Rana Magar’s lyrical voices aided to the song’s mystical harmony and depth of melody. The song is an effort to influence the people of Nepal and raise awareness about corruption, urging people to become agents of change in their respective communities and contribute to a corruption-free society. It was the perfect collaboration between an artist and the campaign to combat corruption.

The video demonstrates that everyone, from senior politicians and bureaucrats to regular citizens who bribe for their own convenience, is to blame for corruption. The video proficiently conveys the message that corruption can only be prevented if all citizens become aware of it and work towards its eradication. The peculiar blend of music and visuals in the video struck a chord with viewers, highlighting the issues of corruption.

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