Laxmi Intercontinental and Nabil Bank have signed an MOU

Laxmi Intercontinental and Nabil Bank have signed an MOU to provide credit facilities for EV and ICE vehicles.

Laxmi Intercontinental, the sole authorized distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Nepal, has signed an agreement with Nabil Bank Limited to expand financing options for its electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Sujit Kumar Shakya, senior deputy CEO of Nabil Bank Limited, and Indra Prasad Sapkota, general manager of Laxmi Intercontinental, signed the memorandum of understanding.

Customers can now finance their Hyundai vehicle, EV, or ICE through Nabil Bank at a 12.99% interest rate. 

Once the bank verifies all of the required documents, the loan will be approved in 3 working days with a 7-year term. The loan financing percentage for EVs is 80% for individuals and 70% for firms. Similarly, for ICE vehicles, up to 50% financing is available to individuals and 70% for firms. 

The contract signed between the two parties will enable a large number of car enthusiasts to easily obtain the vehicle of their choice from Hyundai.

Customers can take advantage of this offer by visiting any Nabil Bank branch or any of

17 Hyundai showrooms across the country. Customers can easily obtain their preferred vehicle with this agreement.

The company aims to make vehicle ownership simpler for everyone with the help of this memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nabil Bank.