LOD Club Ranks 49th in DJ Mag’s Top Clubs 2023

Thamel-based LOD Club, a renowned nightclub, has once again proven its global excellence by securing the impressive 49th position among the world’s best clubs. This remarkable achievement comes as the prestigious UK-based DJ Mag releases its annual rankings for 2023, honoring LOD as one of the top clubs on the planet.

Known for its discerning selection of exceptional clubs from around the world, DJ Mag has consistently recognized LOD’s outstanding contributions to the nightlife scene. After calling for votes from club enthusiasts, LOD secured a coveted spot on the highly sought-after list of the top 100 clubs.

Building upon their success in 2022, when they secured the 52nd position, LOD has once again made their mark in the international club circuit. The club’s director, Ravin Shrestha, expressed his immense pride in LOD’s consistent recognition, highlighting how this accomplishment reflects not only the club’s excellence but also elevates Nepal’s prestige on a global scale.

Among the 500 participating clubs, LOD’s DJ claimed the distinguished 49th rank, a testament to the club’s dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for its patrons. The announcement by DJ Mag on Wednesday night sent waves of excitement through the club and its supporters. Shrestha believes that these notable achievements not only enhance LOD’s reputation but also shine a positive spotlight on Nepal, showcasing the country’s immense potential to the world.

For Shrestha, having a club from Nepal secure a position among the top 100 in DJ Mag is a source of great honor for the nation. This recognition serves as a powerful motivation for LOD to continue pushing boundaries and enhancing its allure.

By consistently featuring renowned artists such as Romeo Blanco and Twin Rave, LOD has captivated club enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Being included in DJ Mag’s prestigious list will undoubtedly introduce the global club community to the vibrant name of Nepal, further solidifying the country’s presence in the international club scene.

LOD Club’s exceptional achievement of securing the 49th rank in DJ Mag’s 100 Best Clubs for 2023 is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. This remarkable win not only solidifies LOD’s status as a world-class nightclub but also serves as a beacon, drawing attention to Nepal’s burgeoning nightlife industry.

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