Magne Buda Signs Up for ‘Kangaroo’: A Nepali Comedy Thriller

In an exciting development for Nepali cinema, popular comedian Kedar Ghimire, widely known as “Magne Buda,” has officially signed on to star in director Samrat Basnet’s upcoming film, “Kangaroo.” The agreement was recently formalized, marking a collaboration that has captured the attention of fans and industry enthusiasts alike.

Directed by Rajiv Gurung, also known as Deepak Manange, “Kangaroo” promises to deliver a unique blend of comedy, thriller, and suspense genres. This project marks a departure for Ghimire, who expressed his enthusiasm for joining forces with the production team for a second time outside of the familiar ‘Chakka Panja’ ensemble.

The film is a collaborative effort between Asap Entertainment, Fullmoon Motion Pictures, and Uttargaya Music and Film, with producers Prem Thapa, Dhan Bahadur Gurung, and Lakshmi Rai at the helm. Notable figures Ronish Bahadur Basnet and Nishan Shrestha serve as co-producers, while Tika Bhandari and Santosh Adhikari (Australia) take on the roles of executive producers. Asap Entertainment (Australia) assumes the crucial position of line producer.

“Kangaroo” boasts a creative team, with Seema Gurung penning the story, Mahesh Dawadi handling the screenplay, and Dilip Pant serving as the production designer. The film also sees collaboration from Lakshmi Jewelers (UK).

With Magne Buda’s comedic prowess and the diverse talents involved in the production, “Kangaroo” is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting mark on the Nepali film landscape. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the unveiling of this thrilling cinematic venture.

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