Makkuse: A Taste of Tradition

Pustakari is a traditional Nepali sweet made from ingredients like flour, sugar, ghee, and spices. Makkuse offers this classic treat, providing customers with a taste of authentic Nepali flavors and textures.

Makkuse’s cookie selection features innovative combinations inspired by Nepali flavors. These cookies are a fusion of traditional ingredients with modern twists, offering a delightful array of flavors.

Chocolate Fudge Gudpak Cookies: Rich chocolate fudge cookies infused with the essence of Gudpak, providing a luxurious and indulgent experience.

Gudpak-filled Semolina Cookies: Semolina cookies filled with creamy Gudpak, combining the texture of semolina with the richness of Gudpak for a unique taste sensation.

Oatmeal Gudpak Cookies: Nutritious oatmeal cookies with a center filled with Gudpak, offering a blend of wholesome ingredients and traditional flavors.

Gudpak is a traditional Nepali sweet made from khoya (milk solids), sugar, and various nuts and spices. Makkuse offers a variety of Gudpak flavors, each attentively crafted to capture the essence of Nepali culinary heritage.