Menuka Poudel: The Voice that Moved Judges of Indian Idol 14

In the world of music, talent knows no boundaries, and Menuka Poudel is a shining example of this truth. Coming from Jhapa, Nepal, Menuka has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts not only in her homeland but also across the borders. What makes her journey truly remarkable is the fact that she was born blind, but her passion for music illuminated her path to success.

Menuka’s incredible musical journey began with her unique ability to learn music solely by listening. Her melodious voice and innate talent led her to the spotlight in 2018 when she participated in the Nepal TV reality show “Nepal Idol.” Her mesmerizing performances on the show garnered her the recognition she rightfully deserved.

Following her success in Nepal, Menuka Poudel crossed borders and ventured into the Indian music scene. She made waves by participating in the renowned Zee TV singing reality show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.” Her exceptional voice and dedication to her craft earned her a place on the grand stage of “Indian Idol 14,” one of the biggest singing competitions in India.

One of the defining moments of Menuka’s journey was when she moved the judges to tears and got selected for the competition. This achievement not only showcases her incredible talent but also serves as a source of pride for Nepalese music enthusiasts worldwide.

Menuka Poudel’s journey is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians, proving that talent and determination can overcome any obstacle. As she continues her musical voyage, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Menuka, a true musical sensation representing Nepal on the global stage.

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