Monsoon Hair Care tips

Monsoons undoubtedly bring us joy, but the rain droplets also come with numerous scalp infections and hair problems. An oily scalp with greasy hair, severe dandruff, and itchiness are the most common hair issues you might face during this season. If not addressed promptly, these problems can weaken your hair roots and lead to severe hair loss, resulting in patchy scalp conditions, also known as monsoon hair fall. To help you enjoy the monsoons without harming your beautiful locks, here are some monsoon hair care tips to help you dance away your hair worries in the rain.

Apply hair oil

In addition to strengthening and nourishing your hair, hair oils have components that can help you combat various scalp diseases throughout the rainy season. To improve blood flow to your hair follicles and control frizzy, unmanageable hair—a common complaint during the monsoon season—incorporate a hot oil massage into your hair care regimen at least twice a week. Additionally, oiling the hair creates a barrier that stops excessive moisture loss during washing.

Wash out rainwater

The most crucial hair care advice for the rainy season is to wash your hair each time it becomes wet. When you get wet, the acidity of the rainwater that gets trapped in your hair can lead to apH imbalance in your scalp and exacerbate hair issues. By using a shampoo and conditioner that are both nourishing and strengthening, you can stop your glands from secreting too much sebum and avoid hair issues altogether. In order to give your hair the extra attention it needs to prevent monsoon hair loss, we advise using a gentle shampoo made of natural components. 

 Maintain a dry hairstyle.

We frequently overlook this important hair care advice, but during the monsoon, we should keep our scalp and hair dry. Recall that your hair is thinnest and most brittle when it’s damp. Dry your scalp as soon as possible after washing it to minimize hair loss. Don’t tie your hair when it’s still damp; instead, let it air dry naturally! In addition, protect your hair when you’re outside during the monsoon season by using necessary accessories like caps, umbrellas, or scarves.

Use caution while combing

Using your comb correctly is an essential element of your monsoon hair care regimen. To make detangling your hair easy, use a comb with large teeth. Make sure there is sufficient space between the comb’s teeth to prevent the hair from breaking while being combed. Your damp hair is more likely to break if you comb it right away, so proceed with caution. Avoid sharing combs to prevent fungal infections is another hair care tip to remember, especially during the rainy season.

Hair care procedures

Applying deep conditioner once a week to your hair will improve its luster and smoothness and help prevent breaking and monsoon hair fall. It’s as easy as putting conditioner on your hair’s lengths and wrapping it in a warm towel for fifteen minutes. The heat will fight the severe monsoon frizz and enable the conditioner to enter your hair shafts more deeply. To fortify your hair from the roots and shield the length, you can also try spa treatments created especially for hair loss.

 Consume a balanced diet

Your hair is directly impacted by the food you eat, therefore maintaining a balanced diet will keep your hair healthy and glossy all year round. During the dark monsoon months, you might be craving hot, oily, and crispy foods, but doing so would only make your hair and scalp issues worse. Therefore, it’s critical to avoid junk food and go for a fresh, wholesome diet instead. Eat more foods high in protein and vitamins to give your hair more shine. Berries, almonds, spinach, and sweet potatoes are some of the finest meals for hair development.

Try not to touch your hair

Avoid touching your hair too much since the perspiration and heat from your palms cause moisture to be drawn back into the hair shaft, causing it to swell and causing the cuticles to become elevated and noticeably frizzy. 

Seasonal changes can naturally affect your hair, but you can maintain its health and shine by following the monsoon hair care tips mentioned above. Keep your hair happy this monsoon with Garnier.

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