Movies Releasing this Friday |14th April |

The following are a list of movies releasing this Friday in all the cinemas of Nepal.

Bihe Pass

In Bihe Pass, the silver screen unfolds the story of a middle-class lad yearning for both financial prosperity and the unwavering love and encouragement of his devoted spouse. The movie, a perfect blend of humor and drama, stars the talented Dayahang Rai and Prakriti Shrestha, and presents an authentic depiction of an average man’s quest for a life brimming with happiness and contentment.


Bulaki is a cinematic masterpiece that draws its inspiration from the Jaari Pratha and is rooted in a true story. The movie delves into the life of Hira, a spirited young woman hailing from the beautiful Karnali Region of Nepal. Her struggles to balance her personal aspirations with the societal norms and expectations are a powerful representation of the plight of countless other women in Nepal. In essence, Hira embodies the pain and suffering of a generation of young women who are grappling to find their place in a world that often denies them the freedom to chart their own course.


Upendra Subba’s latest directorial venture is a heartwarming tale of love set against the backdrop of the Limbu community. The movie follows the protagonist’s arduous journey as he fights to reunite with his beloved wife. The Basuri Films banner film features Bijay Baral, Roydeep Shrestha, Rekha Limbu, Kamalmani Nepal, Pushkar Gurung along with Dayahang and Miruna. 

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