Popular Indian Artists Live in Kathmandu: Neverland

Beating the workweek’ blues, the people of Kathmandu entered the Neverland with a bang on Tuesday, February 21. The prominent Bollywood singers performed an exhilarating live event, which was hosted by Ilive Entertainment. People from all walks of life gathered at the stadium (event location), Dasarath Rangasala, to experience the thrill of the concert. The stadium roared up with the beats of music and energetic dance moves.

The opening performance by the Nepali musician Dong got the crowd pumped.  As Shrushti Tawade performed her famous song “Main Nahi Toh Kaun Be” and other of her hits, the audience took in the lively milieu. Shrusti’s catchy phrases and her ‘Paisa Wasul’ performance on stage sent the audience into a wild frenzy as they were rapped along to.

Shrusti Tawade

Nepal got buzzed at the performance of stunning Aastha Gill who stole the heart of many with her first line ‘Nepal ma timilai maya garchu’. The singer slayed the stage with her ethereal vocals and dance movements while wearing a white and blue bodysuit. The audience joined in the dancing as the singer entertained the crowd with her famous “Paani Paani” dance movements. She continued to perform additional hits like “Dj Wale Babu” and others.

Aastha Gill

O Mere Sona Re, a contemporary romance ballad by KING, enthralled the audience. When he sang his hit song “Tu Ake Dehkle,” the entire crowd turned on their flashlights, and the stadium magically transformed into a lovely euphoria. As the singer mentioned that his girlfriend’s birthday was that day, KING had a special moment on stage as the crowd sang “Happy Birthday.” As the artist twice obliged the crowd’s request, he sang his romantic ballad “Maan Meri Jaan,” transforming the mood into ecstasy.


Ultimately, Divine delivered the most anticipated performance of the evening, sending the crowd into a frenzied uproar. As the audience pulled out their possessions and swung them in the air, The Gully Boy sang his songs. The night’s appeal was enhanced by the sparkle in the sky and the vibrant ribbons.

The audience erupted in deafening applause and roared their hearts out as the show reached its end. For everyone present, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The ambiance, mood, music, and moves will live on in their memories forever.

Author : Simran Shrestha

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