Najir Husen in the looks of Transwomen “Gulabi”

After two years of study on the LGBTQIA community, Female Director Samundra Bhatta is going to serve her masterpiece project ‘Gulabi Ek Rang’ to their audience this year. The first look of the movie poster is officially out, where we can see the talented actor Najir Husen as Gulabi with his head held high and see the pain, disdain, fright, and silence on his face. Not only that, but the actor (Najir Husen) is dressed as a transwoman and has some makeup on his face, including a red tika on his forehead, a fuli on his nose, and a jhumka on his ear, and he seems to be proud of his appearances by raising his head high. From Rameshwor Yadav to Bikram and now Gulabi, it seems that Husen enjoys playing with his unique characters in movies and has always thrilled the audience with his roles like being an extreme introvert, or nerd, or gangster, or buddy.

At the top of the poster, we can see that the film is produced by The Sky Ocean Entertainment, with Najir Husen in the lead role. Other actors, such as Sanchita Luitel, Sushil Sitaula, Rajkumar Ghosh, Bishal Pahari, and Anupam Shrestha, can also be seen, whereas the story or dialogue is given by Aakash Budhathoki, Najir Husen, and Ram Kumar Shrestha. The movie has been shot by Alok Shukla with the music composed by Lekhu Sahayatri and San Bhushal.

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