Namobuddha Rural Film Festival: Celebrating Rural Life Through Cinema

A thrilling three-day rural film festival is set to take place in the enchanting location of Namobuddha, situated in Kavrepalanchok, Nepal. With a noble objective to promote and encourage films that revolve around rural settings and environmental themes, the festival is eagerly anticipated by film enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The event is being organized by Celebrity Nepal, a prominent organization in the Nepali entertainment industry, in collaboration with the esteemed Film Development Board.

Scheduled to be held from June 8 to 10, 2023, the festival promises to captivate audiences with a diverse selection of 26 films and documentaries that beautifully depict the essence of rural life and the surrounding natural environment. This cinematic exploration of rural settings aims to shed light on the unique challenges, stories, and experiences of people living in these areas. By showcasing the cultural richness and ecological beauty of rural Nepal, the festival seeks to create a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent and bring attention to pressing rural issues.

Under the visionary leadership of Raghunath Sapkota, the president of Celebrity Nepal, the festival will recognize excellence in filmmaking by presenting awards in various categories. The top 10 films and documentaries that make a profound impact on the audience with their storytelling, cinematography, and overall creativity will receive well-deserved accolades.

It is worth noting that a similar rural film festival had previously taken place in Laprak, Gorkha, garnering tremendous acclaim and support. Building upon this success, the upcoming festival in Namobuddha holds the promise of not only promoting rural filmmaking but also showcasing the rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and captivating tourist attractions of Namobuddha. By bringing together filmmakers, artists, and audiences, the festival will contribute to the overall growth and appreciation of Nepal’s film industry while offering a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the wonders of Namobuddha.

With its picturesque landscapes, serene ambiance, and compelling power of cinema, the rural film festival in Namobuddha is poised to be an extraordinary celebration of art, culture, and the beauty of rural Nepal.

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