National Cricket Team Sets Off to South Africa for ICC World Cup Qualifier

The Nepali National Cricket Team embarked on their journey to South Africa on Tuesday, aiming to finalize their preparations for the upcoming ICC World Cup Qualifier. Under the leadership of Captain Rohit Poudel, the team selection was announced by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). However, spinner Sandeep Lamichhane was not included in the squad due to an ongoing rape case awaiting a final verdict. Despite his absence, Sandeep took to social media to express his support and best wishes to the rest of the national team.

As one of the ten participating teams in the forthcoming World Cup Qualifiers, Nepal is set to compete against other formidable cricketing nations in Zimbabwe. Placed in Group ‘A’ for the tournament, the Nepali team is determined to showcase their skills and secure a spot in the prestigious ICC World Cup. This tournament provides a significant opportunity for Nepal to demonstrate their cricketing prowess and leave a mark on the global stage.

The Nepali National Cricket Team’s journey to South Africa represents a crucial phase in their preparation for the ICC World Cup Qualifier. The team is eager to showcase their skills and resilience and compete at the highest level of international cricket. With the support and encouragement of fans and teammates, they are poised to give their best and strive for success in the tournament.

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