Ncell Axiata’s Grand Concert: A Celebration of Togetherness

Ncell Axiata Limited, one of Nepal’s leading telecommunication providers, is set to host a spectacular concert on Saturday, Jestha 13th, at Biratnagar’s Hatkhola Ground. This eagerly awaited musical extravaganza aims to bring joy and happiness to the families and friends of Nepali brothers and sisters living abroad. With an impressive lineup of renowned artists and musical groups, the event promises to be an unforgettable experience for attendees. In a gesture of inclusivity, Ncell will also broadcast the concert live on its Facebook page, allowing Nepali communities both at home and abroad to join in the celebration.

The concert, scheduled to commence at 2 p.m. and continue until 9 p.m., will feature captivating performances by esteemed musicians and groups. Acclaimed artists such as Deepak Bajracharya, Rhythm Band, Ashish Rana (Laure), Shiva Pariyar, The Elements, Asmita Adhikari, Sunil Pandit, and the talented actress Keki Adhikari are all set to enthral the audience with their extraordinary talents. The diverse range of performers ensures a delightful blend of musical genres, catering to various preferences and creating a vibrant atmosphere of celebration.

Ncell’s primary objective in organizing this musical program is to foster a sense of connection and joy among Nepali families separated by geographical distances. Recognizing the significance of family bonds, Ncell wants to provide a platform for brothers and sisters abroad to share moments of happiness with their loved ones back home in Nepal. By broadcasting the concert live on their Facebook page, Ncell ensures that not only the residents of Biratnagar but also Nepali communities worldwide can partake in this memorable experience.

To attend this much-anticipated event, concertgoers can acquire free tickets by purchasing a Sahayatri SIM, an international calling pack, topping up their balance at the nearest Ncell center, or through the official Ncell Shop app. Ncell has introduced the “Sahayatri SIM” starter pack, designed specifically for Nepalese individuals planning to work abroad. This pack offers attractive bundle services, bonus facilities, and roaming options, catering to the unique needs of those embarking on employment journeys. Furthermore, Ncell provides various cost-effective voice packs to enable people to stay connected with their families overseas.

Ncell Axiata’s upcoming concert in Biratnagar is poised to be a remarkable celebration of togetherness for Nepali communities. Through the power of music, the event intends to bridge the gap between families separated by geographical boundaries, allowing them to share moments of joy and connection. The participation of renowned artists and the live broadcast on Ncell’s Facebook page guarantee a memorable experience for Nepali brothers and sisters both in Nepal and abroad. With its commitment to providing innovative services and affordable communication options, Ncell continues to empower Nepali individuals and strengthen the bonds within the community.

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