Ophthalmologist Sanduk Ruit has been awarded the ISA award

Dr. Sanduk Ruit has been awarded the prestigious ISA award worth $1 million for his commendable work in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Ruit was one of 145 nominees chosen by the jury for the award.

The award was established in honour of Bahrain’s former monarch, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. The award is allotted every two years to a person or organisation operating globally in the realm of human welfare.

Thanking the Kingdom of Bahrain for bestowing this honour on Dr. Ruit, he pledged to expand his work and said, “I share the award with all Nepalis.” He further added, “I also take the award as a motivation to continue uplifting my country in the international space through more dedication and more hard work.”

Dr. Ruit has been working actively as an ophthalmologist and has dedicated his life to eradicating preventable blindness, and restoring eye-sight of millions of cataract patients, travelling to remote parts of Nepal and other countries to perform cataract surgeries.

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