Pranima Dahal: My Accomplishments Give Me Satisfaction

“I am a free soul, an artist, and a host that seeks freedom, and a story behind every work that I do.”

After starting a career as a dancer, Pranima Dahal has now been able to mark herself as a multi-talented personality in the Nepalese media industry. Involved in a myriad of fields, she has been working as a news anchor, event manager, event host, video jockey, and an aspiring model.

With her remarkable work and stellar performances, she recently received two awards: the “Best Pop Adhunik Model Award” from the Sagarmatha Music Award 2022, and the “Best Model Award” from the Pageant Nepal International Fashion and Model Awards.

Just like any of us, Pranima Dahal had envisioned herself having a career in different fields under the influence of circumstances–sometimes as a chartered accountant, a manager of a bank, or even a police officer. But deep inside, she always knew that her core interest was in the media industry. So, as soon as she completed her schooling at Tarun Secondary School, she started to pursue her dream in the media industry.

When asked about her first experience in the media industry, she said, “It has been three years since I started my career as a dancer. Of course, there have been lots of changes in me. I didn’t know anything about makeup or fashion, which is ironic given that I had to wear makeup everywhere I went. I love being presentable now as it’s a part of my profession, but back then, I was too naive and didn’t have any knowledge about the glamour world.”

She further added, “Communicating with the world was also one of the biggest challenges I used to face. I used to stay away from strangers and normal conversations. And I had to put effort into talking with someone who was not a colleague, friend, or family member.”

“Looking back on those days and evaluating how far I’ve come, I’m happy with myself,” she said with a smile. “I would say the accomplishment is the satisfaction I gained while being able to do my dream work. The experience of working in front of the camera and the relationships I’ve earned are all I cherish. I pride myself on the true friends I made and the skills I learned during this journey.”

Talking about her satisfaction and achievement, Pramina Dahal mentioned, “I just received my first award.” And luckily, I got two awards for the very first time on the same day. First, I got the “Best Pop Adhunik Model Award” from Sagarmatha Music Awards 2022 and received the “Best Model Award” from Pageant Nepal’s International Fashion and Model Awards. “I had been dreaming of these awards, and I got them.”

“I still have a long way to go, and the never-ending dreams keep piling up. There is still much to accomplish and explore, which always inspires me to wake up every morning.”

Excerpts from conversations with Pranima Dahal

What was your first paycheck and for what work?

I started as a dancer. So my first paycheck was a thousand rupees for a group performance. Ah! Those were wonderful days. And looking back, you know I feel happy about how far I have come, and surely there are many more journeys to come.

As a model, which is the photo that you like the most of yourself, and is there any story behind it?

Yeah, the photo from my first photoshoot. It is special to me because this was my first professional photoshoot. I really wanted a retro look. So, I wore my mom’s sari from the 1990s in this photo.

How do you enjoy your free time, and how do you manage your time for it in your hectic schedule?

I love to just lie in bed, grab some snacks, and watch Netflix or some movies. I also love to go hiking or someplace else with my friends.

I make time for some important things, and I like to work. So, in my hectic schedule, I will work continuously, and when the work is finished, I make some time for myself to chill out and to spend some time alone with myself.

Have you felt any harassment or unfairness at any point in your career?

There are many good people in the industry, and I can’t deny that there are bad people as well. I came around with those people who tried to harass me, but as soon as I got a negative vibe from anyone, I used to completely cut them off from my life or work. So luckily, I don’t have much bad experience, and talking about unfairness – it is everywhere and in every industry as well. I have complete faith in myself, so I don’t care. As long as I have faith in my work and in myself, I can achieve anything.

Who inspires you?

Truly, Priyanka Chopra has always been my idol, and she inspires me a lot. She is not only an artist but a great human being that I admire, who has changed so many lives for the better.

Is there any specific thing or project you want to get involved in, or something new you want to accomplish?

I want to be involved in something mythical. You know, like the Chandramukhi character? I am obsessed with these queen or dancer characters. I would be blessed to play one of these roles in, maybe, a music video or film.

What is the best part of working as an anchor, a model, and a VJ?

Being an anchor, I get to interact with many people and audiences. I feel at home on stage. I get to share my thoughts as a VJ. As a host or VJ, I can make my voice heard to thousands of people.

And as an actor, I get to experience certain emotions, feelings, and a different life or character that, maybe, I will not get to experience in real life. I truly love my profession.

Is there something that you wish to change in your current personal or professional life?

“I will not change anything, but I definitely want to make something happen. I want to get more love and happiness in my personal life. And I want to be successful in my professional life. I want more work and, maybe, gain more fame, haha,” she answered with a giggle.

What inspires you to be ready for work every day?

The fact that not everyone gets to do the work that they love. I am blessed. I am fortunate to get to do what I love and to the universe for guiding me through my journey.