Reecha Sharma wins the “Best Actress” award in Sydney

Reecha Sharma, a versatile actress, has won the Best Actress award at Australia’s prestigious ‘TITAN Film Festival’ for the film “Blood Money” based on a true story about Nepalese migrant workers in Gulf countries. Titan International Flim Festival is an international film competition that takes place four times in a year and honours cinema, and its creativity, art, and freedom. And the winners of all four editions are selected for the Year Awards. 

Among many participants around the world, Reecha Sharma received a well deserved Best Actress Award for “Blood Money,” while John Vamvas from Canada got the Best Actor Male Award for his performance in Scarpedicemente. 

“Blood Money” is about a man who has no choice but to leave his family, home, and country shortly after his marriage because of financial difficulties. This short film was directed and written by Ashok Kumar Timalsina, and it was produced by Paras Timalsina. The film stars Reecha Sharma, Ashok Timalsina, and Mithila Sharma in prominent roles. 

This 27-minute movie has also won the Best Film of the Year at the Old Film Carnival of Singapore, the White Pillar International Film Festival, and the Athvikvaruni International Film Festival.

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