Rekha Thapa’s Comeback in ‘Upahar’: New Song Released

Nepal’s cinematic landscape is abuzz with excitement as ‘Upahar,’ the upcoming Nepali film, is scheduled to release on Falgun 25, 2080, coinciding with the festive occasion of Mahashivratri. The film’s release is poised to spark an intriguing competition among Nepali movies, all vying for attention during this year’s Mahashivratri festivities.

Following a slew of film releases, including ‘Kandetaar,’ ‘Rangeli,’ and ‘Local Hero,’ ‘Upahar’ marks the much-anticipated comeback of actress Rekha Thapa. The film’s release date was officially announced on Mahashivaratri, coinciding with the launch of a song titled ‘Wa Wa Wa’ on a Friday.

The song ‘Wa Wa Wa’ features three couples from the movie, showcasing a captivating blend of dance and romance. Rekha Thapa and Mukun Bhushal share a sizzling dance in the water, while the chemistry between Pooja Sharma and Samarpan Jung Karki adds an attractive flavor. Benisha Hamal and Tej Giri’s performances also promise excitement. Pooja and Benisha are seen in bold avatars, adding a touch of boldness to the visual narrative.

The song, with vocals by Babul Giri and Elina Chauhan, lyrics by Shankar Adhikari (Ghayal), and music by singer Giri himself, has a strong audio component and easily memorable lyrics. Directed by Gyanendra Deuja, ‘Upahar’ explores social themes and offers a mix of emotions, from laughter to tears. The film stars an ensemble cast, including Shishir Rana, Sushma Karki, Anshu Maharjan, and Asha Bhushal. Produced under the banners of Rekha Films and Kapangadhi Films, ‘Upahar’ is set to make its mark in the Nepali film industry during the festive season of Mahashivratri.

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