Savoring Italy: Piano Piano South

For the taste of authentic Italian cuisine featured in this week’s Feasts & Flavours episode (Episode-6), we visited Piano Piano South. Piano Piano South, which has both indoor and outdoor seating, is a great place to go if you want to experience some of the finest Italian cuisine, sip on some wine, and listen to some soothing jazz music. It is located in Bhakhundole, Sanepa. This location is ideal for spending “me time” or “we time” with friends and family, while enjoying a taste of vesper wine, other drinks, and a selection of delectable treats.

With Insalta di Chicken, we got things going. There are a number of lettuce leaves, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, olives, pomegranates, eggs, croutons, and parmesan cheese on top of what is essentially a chicken salad. The salad has a balanced taste of savoury and subtly sweet notes that is fresh and crisp. Altogether, it was a light meal that blends a variety of tastes and textures to create a filling dish ideal for health enthusiasts. It is served with creamy tomato sauce.

We had to try one of their highly popular pizzas. Pizza named “Carne” for meat lovers was served to us. The Italian-style pizza had a gooey interior and a crisp exterior. The pizza’s sauce, which is made with Italian tomatoes and has a rich taste, is topped with copious amounts of spicy sausages, bacon, and smoked ham. The pizza is one of the finest I’ve had in Nepal. It’s filling and satisfying. I went with a cool Virgin Mojito to balance the spicy Tabasco I had added to the pizza.

When it comes to Italian food, spaghetti is a must. We were served “Gabberi con Capperi”. This spaghetti was loaded with capers and shrimp. A simple but filling meal is created by the combination of the shrimp’s slightly sweet flavor, the velvety texture of the spaghetti, and the sourness of the capers.

We were given Pollo Brasato as the main dish. A massive chicken leg piece that has been slowly braised in red wine gives complexity and flavours of tomato, butter mushroom, baby onions, and olives. Although the chicken itself was juicy and tender, the mixture of flavors gave the dish a well-rounded flavor. Mash potatoes were used as a side dish, giving the food a smooth, mildly sweet flavor.

The staff suggested a glass of dry wine to pair with the chicken, and the wine was excellent.

We decided on strawberry gelato to finish it on a sweet note. The presentation itself was attractive with tuile on top, almond crumbles, fresh strawberries, and the gelato itself. The  gelato had a distinct strawberry flavor and was sweet, creamy, and refreshing to taste. The crisp structure of the tuile on top contrasts nicely with the velvety gelato.

‘Our chef consistently deliver nutritional Italian food. My only request is do visit us and enjoy our delicious food including best pizza in town, pasta with various wines and a great ambience,’ stated Chiranjivi Magar, the outlet manager.

Bon Appetit!

‘My practical experience working in busy kitchens & my love for food has made me flawless in executing culinary arts, management and customer relations’, Chef Sujan Poudel, stated.

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