Spiny Babbler International Film Festival 2023: Celebrating Outstanding Filmmakers

The Spiny Babbler International Film Festival 2023, organized by Spiny Movies Pvt. Ltd., successfully concluded in the capital city. The event celebrated the remarkable achievements of talented filmmakers across 14 national and four international genres. During the ceremony, the Minister for Youth and Sports, Dig Bahadur Limbu, presented certificates of recognition to the outstanding performers. Minister Limbu assured the filmmakers that he would address the challenges faced by the industry, including concerns regarding recent budget allocations. He emphasized the shared goal of contributing to the nation’s prosperity and upholding good governance.

Among the national genre categories, Dinesh Raut (Prakash) received the award for best direction, Pradeep Khadka (Prakash) was honored as the best actor, Namrata Sapkota (Desan) won the best actress award, and Bikash Subedi (Prakash) was recognized for his exceptional plot writing. The best short film award went to Tirkha, while Gyanendra Karki (Kingnap) was acknowledged as the best director. Srijana Karki (Dukhi Buhari) received recognition for the best story writing, and Gyanendra Khadka (Aham Prem) was applauded as the best cinematographer. In the Nepal Bhasha film category, Darshanbir Shakya (Indrayani) emerged as the best director.

In the international film category, the award for best documentary was presented to Duck Bucks Ellington (Ireland). The Road (India) claimed the title of best movie, while Force (Iran) received recognition for its compelling plot. The Light Bulb (Venezuela) was honored for its exceptional cinematography, and an Egyptian movie director was acknowledged as the best director. Director Madhab Kharel expressed his satisfaction with the growth and quality of domestic films, emphasizing that Nepalese films are on par with their international counterparts.

The third edition of the Spiny Babbler International Film Festival showcased the talent and dedication of filmmakers, reinforcing the continuous progress of the industry. The event not only celebrated outstanding achievements but also fostered a sense of unity among professionals working towards a common goal.

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