Srichchha Pradhan Crowned Miss Nepal 2023: A Night to Remember

The 27th edition of the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal pageant concluded with a mesmerizing finale in Kathmandu on Saturday. The event showcased the talent, grace, and intellect of young Nepalese women vying for the prestigious titles. Srichchha Pradhan emerged as Miss Nepal 2023, while Raina Majgaiya claimed the Miss Nepal Earth title, and Prasiddhy Shah was crowned Miss Nepal International. The evening was filled with glamour, performances, and empowering speeches, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Let’s delve into the highlights of this remarkable event.

A Night of Accomplishments:

Srichchha Pradhan, a 23-year-old with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, claimed the coveted title of Miss Nepal 2023. Pradhan’s achievement stood out among the 23 other talented contestants as she demonstrated her passion for women’s entrepreneurship. She emphasized its role in fostering a flourishing economy in Nepal. Raina Majgaiya, a pilot from Dang, was crowned Miss Nepal Earth, while Prasiddhy Shah, daughter of the first-ever Miss Nepal, Ruby Rana Shah, secured the Miss Nepal International title.

Dazzling Performances and Special Moments:

The Miss Nepal finale featured mesmerizing performances by popular singer Abhaya Subba and the talented dance troop Nritya Aagan. Their captivating acts added charm and entertainment to the event, leaving the audience in awe. Miss Nepal World 2022, Priyanka Rani Joshi, who is set to participate in the upcoming Miss World 2023 pageant in the UAE, revealed that her ‘Beauty with Purpose’ video will focus on a community build-up project, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact.

Subsidiary Titles and Recognition:

In addition to the main titles, the Hidden Treasure organization presented various subsidiary titles to acknowledge the exceptional qualities of the contestants. Aishworya Shrestha received The Kathmandu Post Miss Intellectual title and Dabur Honey Miss Fitness Queen. Other notable winners included Grishma Adhikari as Berger Miss Glamor, Pragya Bajracharya as Brij Cement Miss Confident, Suhani Khadka Chhetri as JMusic Miss Multimedia, Unnati Gurung as Yeti Airlines Woman with Wings, Pritika Khadka as Creative D Studio Miss Photogenic, and Aayushma Baral as THT Beauty with a Purpose.

A Night to Remember:

The grand finale of Miss Nepal 2023 was a memorable event, filled with glitz, glamour, and empowering messages. The winners, Srichchha Pradhan, Raina Majgaiya, and Prasiddhy Shah, exemplified the beauty, talent, and intellect of Nepalese women. Their achievements, along with the remarkable performances and special moments, captivated the audience and highlighted the potential and grace of Nepalese beauty pageants.

The entire show was broadcast live on Kantipur Television, allowing viewers from across the nation to witness the grandeur and excitement of the Miss Nepal pageant. The event served as a platform for these talented women to shine and inspire others with their accomplishments.

The Hidden Treasure The Miss Nepal pageant once again showcased the grace, talent, and intellect of Nepalese women. Srichchha Pradhan, Raina Majgaiya, and Prasiddhy Shah emerged as the titleholders, representing the beauty and aspirations of the nation. With their remarkable achievements and inspiring messages, they have become role models for aspiring young women. The Miss Nepal 2023 finale was a celebration of beauty, talent, and empowerment, leaving a lasting impact on the contestants, judges, and spectators alike.

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