Taste of India: Spice Room, Hotel Yak & Yeti

In this week’s series of Feasts and Flavours, we went for a fine-dining destination: Spice Room located in the premises of Hotel Yak & Yeti. A renowned destination for Indian fine dining with warm interiors opens from 6.30 am to 11 pm. The ambience itself gives you a sophisticated vibe with traditional and modern architecture as well as large windows looking out to verdant gardens.

The authenticity of the food is surely a highlight but the warm hospitality from the staffs cannot go unnoticed. Here is what we tried in the restaurant.

Paneer Pepper Parsley

A popular Indian appetizer, filled with cheese, almond and cashews. The outsides have the smoky flavour from the tandoor and is seasoned with mix of spices. All the flavours combines to give you a satisfying taste.

Timmuri Chicken Tikka

One from the chef’s recommendation, this dish is a fusion of Nepali and Indian food. The chicken itself is tender and has warm spices. The flavour of the timur is very strong and mingles well with the charred outer layer. The chutneys, both green (mint) and red, compliments the chicken. 

Dahi Ke Kebab

One of the best sellers here, made with hand curd has a rather distinct smell. The insides have a rich, creamy and tad bit of sweet fillings while the crunchy fried exterior perfectly balances each other. You get a strong after taste of the cardamom and cinnamon. This dish stole my heart and we will surely come back for more of those.

Murgh Tikka Hasnu

The chicken has a beautiful golden hue. It is infused with layers of spices, which also further tenderizes the chicken. Overall, the chicken is absolutely delicious and offers a unique blend of spice and savoury flavours.

Teen Mirch Ka Mahi Tikka

To our surprise, this dish is a fish tikka. This boneless fish has a beautiful golden colour and has many layers of spices. It has three types of bell pepper: red, green and yellow, hence the name. The warm spices have all reached to very insides of it and the juices oozing out of it all fills your heart.

Kadak Masala Roomali

A rather unique dish, this flat bread is massive. The kind hostess taught us to eat it in a proper way by breaking it from the middle. Ofcourse, the base is crunchy with a layer of green chutney. It is topped with onions, tomato and a blend of spices all combines to form a ‘chatpata’ taste. The spice instantly hits your taste buds in every bite you take.

Moving on to the main course.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Tender pieces of mutton cooked in a thick rich gravy, this dish has a beautiful deep red color and has a complex blend of spices and herbs. The mutton itself is juicy and the gravy adds to the richness of the very same.

Pind Ka Kukad

The chicken itself is soft and cooked with rich and creamy gravy. It provides a unique blend of bold, spicy flavours with a hint of sweetness. All combined together to form a perfect dish.

Paneer Mushroom Kadhai

As the name suggests, it contains chunks of paneer, mushrooms and asparagus too, which are a bit chewy. Cooked in a spicy tomato-based gravy, which has a hint of sweetness and a spicy kick. Overall, it is delicious and has a unique blend of bold and spicy flavours.

Vegetable Biryani

The main dish is the vegetable biryani which, of course, contains lots of vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, paneer and many more. The long-grained rice with blend of spices fills you up.

Dal Makhani

One of the most anticipated dish, surely lived up to our expectations. The rich, creamy and hearty lentil soup (daal) infused with blend of warm spices is truly delightful.

For Desserts

Misti Doi

The way the misti doi is served is so elegant in a golden cutlery. The misti doi is topped with blueberries and mint, perfectly complimenting the rich and velvety yogurt.

Pista Kulfi

This kulfi was loaded with nuts, almond, cashews and many more. A perfect balance of sweetness (nothing overpowering), this kulfi is perfect for the upcoming hot summer days in Kathmandu.

“Welcome to Spice-room, a fine-dine restaurant that specializes in Indian & Awadhi Cuisine. Spice room is popular for some of it’s unique signature dishes that one can only find here and nowhere else”, Executive Assistant Manager, Deepa Sutradhar, stated.

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