The Art of Wine and Food Pairing

Enjoy wines with perfect pairings!!

White wine


Chardonnay goes well with seafood, poultry, sauces made of cream, and dishes that have a buttery flavour. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Goat cheese, salads, veggies, and mild seafood work well with Sauvignon Blanc. 


Riesling goes well with spicy meals, Asian cuisine, and high-acid foods. 

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio goes great with fish, salads, and light pasta dishes. 

Red wine

Cabernet Sauvigon

Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with grilled or roasted meats, bold flavours, and red wine. 


Merlot goes nicely with foods that have tomato-based sauces, pork, and other kinds of meat. 

Pinot Noir

Salmon, duck, and foods with earthy or mushroom characteristics go nicely with Pinot Noir. 


Zinfandel goes well with foods that are spicy, grilled, and that have tomato-based sauces.

Rosé wine

Rosé wine goes well with salads, light summer fare, and seafood. 

Sparkling Wine

Champagne and sparkling wines go well with seafood, brunch dishes, and appetizers.

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