The Korean Wave in Nepali culture

The Korean Wave is hitting all over the world. A wave of people following Korean culture, food, trends, fashions, and mostly music is considered as a Korean wave. In Nepal, the Korean Wave is gradually taking over as the new standard. The majority of teens in Nepal are impacted by K-drama, music, food, and fashion in one way or another. Moreover, the number of them joining the culture appears to be rising daily. 

The influence of Korean culture can be seen in various aspects of Nepali society, from the popularity of K-pop music, cuisine, and fashion to the growing number of Korean language learners. As the Korean Wave continues to spread globally, Nepal is no exception in embracing this cultural phenomenon. 

Korean Music

The Korean entertainment industry offers a diverse range of unique music that can make audiences feel emotions such as happiness, sadness, fall in love, moving on from a broken heart, and dancing to the beat of it. K-pop has gained international popularity in recent years, with groups like BTS, Blackpink and Seventeen breaking records and winning awards worldwide. 

The catchy melodies, impressive choreography, and visually stunning music videos have captivated fans of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, it also provides behind the scenes story of well known artists and their hard work which inspires and influences people to work hard to achieve their dream and same is the case with Nepalese teenagers.

Korean Dramas/ Movies

Nepalese are becoming increasingly hooked by Korean Dramas and movies. Korean drama covers a wide range of genres, including romance comedies, horror thrillers, micro web series, and daily dramas. It is one of the reasons why more and more people are watching Korean dramas as they find it to be a simpler method of detaching themselves from reality and relieving tension.

These days, people of all age groups are interested in dramas. They provide a form of escapism and entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Korean Fashions

We can observe that the Korean trend has influenced Nepalese teenagers’ fashion sense, hair color, hairstyle, attitude, beauty standards, and much more as more of them are actively following it. It seems like there are more and more ladies with short bangs and feminine style, and males with dyed hair and ripped and straight jeans.

Teens in Nepal are greatly impacted by K-Wave, to the point that they are eager to adopt Korean customs, dress, and culture. For instance, some Korean restaurants in Nepal provide (Hanbok) korean traditional dress for people to try while also enjoying the food. Moreover, Korean brands of clothing and cosmetics are widely available in Kathmandu. 

Korean Cuisines

The popularity of Korean food is gaining all over Nepal rapidly. One of the primary reasons is the growth of the Korean wave (Hallyu). While other reasons being, the influence of Nepalese students and laborers who work and study in Korea. Additionally, the increasing number of Korean restaurants and food stalls in Nepal are also contributing to this trend. The fusion of flavors and unique ingredients in Korean cuisine has also captured the interest of Nepalese food enthusiasts, leading to a growing demand for Korean dishes.

As more people become exposed to the diverse and delicious offerings of Korean food, its popularity is expected to continue rising in Nepal. In recent days, everyone is familiar with three Korean dishes such as ramen, kimbap/gimbap, and samgyeopsal. Moreover, the “Spicy Ramen Challenge” trend and Korean dramas among young people initially ignited the ramen mania in Nepal. 

People of all ages are influenced by the Korean Wave, which has grown to be a huge cultural phenomenon in Nepal. For Nepali audiences, Korean culture gives a new outlook and a sense of community in everything from fashion and cuisine to music and entertainment. As the popularity of K-Pop, K-dramas, and Korean food grows, the Hallyu tsunami is predicted to continue to sweep over Nepal for years to come.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nepal

Photo Credit: hot8030, K- selection, Airtel, TheSmartLocal South Korea, fotoVoyager

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