The types of rums you need in your home bar for a complete drinking experience

Whether you are battling the scorching overhead sun, or braving the cold winters of Nepal, any weather can be made pleasant and enjoyable by one simple solution – Rum.

But with its varied styles and types now, rum can be very difficult to pick from.
Here is a comprehensive guide for you to understand everything you need to about rum.

White Rum

This rum is basically the one from which you can make your daiquiris and mojitos. It is simple, clean, and very cocktail friendly. Many of these rums are charcoal filtered to remove any colour it might gain in the aging process. These rums can be aged anywhere between 1- 4 years on average and are fairly budget friendly. These are also known as light or silver rums.

Dark Rum

This rum, aka XXX rum is aged for longer periods of time and is thus darker and fuller. They often pick up the colour, as well as flavour notes from the barrel through the years of aging. They are very close to whisky in characteristic and make an excellent option for sipping solo, or with some ice. Most dark rums are a result of double distillation.

Flavoured Rum

As the name suggests, these rums are infused with flavours such as herbs or flowers. The base is often that of white rum. Flavoured rums include coconut which is very popular. These may or may not be aged. The flavours add complexity and a special kick to the rum and make it perfect for sipping as it is. Some of the most popular flavours include pineapple, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee etc.

Gold or Spiced Rum

These two types of rum will look very similar, but it’s important that you know which one you’re getting. An aged rum will have a golden or amber hue naturally cultivated from the casks it was made in. A spiced rum is infused with herbs and local spices. There are also a few aged dark rums available. A gold rum can also be aged, but it often gleans its color from additives. It is common for caramel to be added to aged rums to ‘correct’ the color, which is the best way to do it. In terms of taste, an aged rum will have more depth while a gold rum offers a smoother experience.

Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole is made from sugarcane instead of molasses and is only produced in the French Caribbean. Rhum production must adhere to the strictest regulations of any rum type, down to the distillation length, making it the most consistent form. Similarly to white rum, the sweetness from the sugar cane comes through in a strong way, but rhum also presents a pleasant grassiness.

Overproof or Neavy Rum

This is for the brave ones, but we do not recommend shots. Overproof or Navy Rum is anywhere between 50-75.5% ABV, much higher than your average spirit. It works best as a floater on top of a shooter or cocktail. Additionally, these are rums that you might find locally rather than brands. Now you’re all ready to fill up that home bar and whip up some great cocktails! So get going.

Smoky Rum

Smokiness mostly comes from the casks in which the rum ages. It is a great way to cut the sweetness of sugar and add a unique texture to the spirit. Smoky rums are great to sip by themselves, but also make for classic cocktails like the Rum Old Fashioned.