Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in Nepal

Whether you are working, just hanging out with friends or spending time alone, Music is almost always a cherry on top. Swaying to the beats of your favourite songs is bound to improve your mood. At a time where virtually everyone has something they are stressed about, Music Streaming Apps act like hospitals that allow you to access the remedy that is melody. Today Buzz Nepal brings to you a list of Top 5 Music Streaming Apps for people living in Nepal. 


Probably the most popular music streaming app in the world, Spotify ranks first in this list because of its easy accessibility, a vast assortment of music to listen to and the best User Interface. However, using the app becomes a hassle if you are on your phone with no option but to shuffle and not be able to choose songs of your choice unless you subscribe to their premium plan. You can buy the plan using a visa card or a Mastercard of your own or just purchase it from Instagram accounts that will use your account to buy the premium and charge you using e-sewa. The premium plan also enables you to download music to stream offline.

Daami Music App

Although Spotify has a huge collection of songs, there are shortcomings to it. Not all Nepali Artists have Spotify profiles and their music shared on Spotify. This is why Daami Music App ranks second. Made in Nepal, Daami Music App has all the Nepali songs you want to listen to in an ever-expanding list. The User Interface is not up to Spotify’s mark but there’s only so much you can expect of a local Music App. If you want to listen to music offline or ad free on Daami, you have the option to purchase their premium plan– Daami Plus– for a monthly charge of Rs 57 which can be paid through e-Banking or e-Sewa. 


Although YouTube has a bigger collection of Music than any other app there is, there are two reasons why it ranks third. The first and the most important reason is that you can not stream music from YouTube on your phone with your Phone switched off and even when you listen, it’s in mp4 form instead of mp3. The second reason is that YouTube Music, which goes a long way in overcoming the aforementioned shortcomings, is not available in Nepal. It’s still a good experience if you use it on your laptop browser while you work though. 


The craze for Bollywood songs is rampant among the Nepalese population which is why Gaana ranks a number 4. Although Spotify has a lot of hindi songs, Gaana has an even larger list. You can download the app from the app store or play store or even use the web browser. If you want an ad free experience and access to download all the songs, you can also get the Gaana plus package at a very low rate.

Apple Music

If we were talking about an international context, Apple Music would undoubtedly rank at second or even first because it is the only direct competition Spotify has. However, there are a few problems you encounter using the app in Nepal. The first problem is that paying is super inconvenient because there are very few, if any, firms that sell apple music and an access to an international visa or Mastercard isn’t always applicable. The second problem is that you need to have an apple device if you want to use the app, which isn’t the case for everyone. However, the sound quality and the UI is as good as Spotify’s so if you have an apple device and payment methods, you could maybe consider using Apple Music.