Top Gyms in Kathmandu

Even though the pandemic pushed us into our homes and hugely affected our lives, one positive outcome was the critical realization of the importance of maintaining and eating healthily. We were tormented not just by COVID, but also by the prospect of gaining weight and losing our minds. As everything returns to normal, people are becoming more concerned about their mental and physical health. Exercise not only stimulates the body, but it also helps you stay sane and concentrate better.
These are the top gyms in Kathmandu, where you may workout according to your fitness level.

Gymkhana Muay Thai

Gymkhana Muaythai is arguably Nepal’s top gym. It is the first and only fully equipped Muaythai and functional gym in the country. The gym features top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained and qualified trainers. The gym offers a variety of exercise courses and programs designed to help people achieve their fitness objectives. The gym is really clean and well-kept. The gym is ideal for professional sportsmen as well as those ready to invest in their health.

The Pump
Gyan Mandala, Jhamsikhel

The Pump is one of the country’s best gyms. It is well-known for its extraordinary community and one-of-a-kind training programs. Nirakar Yakthumba, the bassist for the rock band 1974 AD, launched The Pump with the goal of encouraging functional fitness and training in Nepal. The gym is well-equipped and well-maintained, and it is home to some of the best trainers in the country. The gym is well-known for its unique workout plans and programs that emphasize calisthenics, mobility, and weight training.

H20 Athletics

H20 Athletics is the country’s first legitimate boxing gym. It was formed by JetBoxing, one of the top fighters in the country, with the goal of enhancing the country’s boxing scene. The gym offers boxing as well as functional training at a reasonable price. Athletes in this gym are exceptional fighters, who have been trained to compete well both inside and outside the ring.

Ultimate Lifting Club
Tinkune Marg

Ultimate lifting club, more famously known as ULC, is one of the new gyms on the list. It is known for its powerlifting training. Many athletes from ULC have participated and bagged awards in national powerlifting competitions. The gym has well-maintained equipment that works all body parts as well as certified trainers. The gym has a great ambience with motivational paintings on the wall and has played an important role in uplifting the powerlifting scene of the country.

Written By: Utsav Pun

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