Tri-cuisine at Sesame Restaurant: Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Three diverse cuisines are available at the recently opened Sesame Restaurant: Pan Asian, Indian, and European. It has a contemporary appearance with warm lighting and colourful artwork. The appeal of dining here is enhanced by a private dining space with a butler assigned and a personalized open bar. You can choose to dine indoors among marble pavers or outside overlooking the swimming pool with the tranquil sound of birds chirping.

We tried different dishes from each of the three cuisines.

Starting with Pan-Asian

Pad Thai Noodles

This well-liked Thai dish is presented on a lovely plate with four different toppings: chilli flakes, peanuts, sprouts, and a slice of lemon. This dish of flat rice noodles has a sweet flavour and is topped with edible flowers and shrimp. When the condiments are added to the dish, which is loaded with chicken and eggs, the flavour is mouthwatering.

Kung Pao Chicken

The incredibly irresistible Kung Pao Chicken is served with copious amounts of cashews. The flavour is initially pleasant but leaves you with a strong spicy aftertaste. This one is for the spicy food aficionados. Combine it with rice to make it more appetizing.

Shrimp Dim Sum

The dim sums are served in a bamboo basket and have a smooth exterior with a subtle shrimp filling flavour. The dish is served with four different types of sauce: soy sauce, sweet, chili-flavored, and sweet and sour. The steamed dim sum paired with the sauces instantly melts into your mouth.

Crystal Veg Dim Sum

As the name implies, you can actually see all the fillings from the outside. The wrap has a jelly-like consistency yet is packed with vegetables, including carrot and shiitake mushrooms. This meal has a unique flavour and is served with the four sauces stated before.

Indian Cuisine

Nihari Gosht

A very popular Lucknow dish comes with two pieces of boneless mutton and the other two are with bone. A traditional slow cooked dish has the natural fat and juice of fresh meat. The aromatic spices justifies the flavourful taste of the very same.

Butter Chicken

The scent of this dish is what you notice right away. A mouthwatering delicacy is chicken cooked in the traditional Old Delhi way with a spicy, buttery, and creamy tomato gravy. Pair it with rice or some flat bread and you’re in for a treat.

European cuisine

Beetroot Ravioli

A ravioli stuffed with mascarpone cheese that is vivid magenta, melts in your mouth. In essence, this dish is a cold salad consisting of lettuce, olive oil, and cherry tomatoes. For those who are concerned about their health, this salad is a great option.

Grilled Salmon

Beautifully presented salmon sits on top of french beans topped with lemon caper sauce, dried tomatoes and edible flowers. Salmon that has been grilled is rich and buttery with few spices. The caper sauce gives it a tinge of sourness, creating the ideal fusion of tastes.

Orange cheesecake

A slice of orange and little chocolate feathers are placed on top of the creamy and luscious cheesecake as decorations. Almond crumbles and strawberry campote are also included on the platter.

This orange cheesecake, which is made with Philadelphia cheese and mascarpone cheese on top, will have you returning to the restaurant often.

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