Unleashing Power and Range: Evoke Urban S Electric Bike in Nepal

Excitement is building in Nepal as the Evoke Urban S, a premium electric motorcycle with impressive performance and range, is set to enter the market. This highly anticipated electric bike claims a top speed of 140 km/h and a city range of 250 km. With Enduro Motors as the authorized distributor of Evoke electric bikes in Nepal, the Urban S, along with the Urban Classic, will soon be introduced as premium offerings to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable electric bike.

Evoke Motorcycles, a Beijing-based premium EV brand, is behind the creation of the Urban S. With a lineup of three electric bikes, two of which are confirmed for the Nepali market, Evoke Motorcycles brings a blend of style and sustainability to the forefront.

While the exact price of the Evoke Urban S in Nepal is yet to be finalized, it is expected to be more affordable than its counterpart, the Evoke Urban Classic. In the international market, the Urban S is priced between USD $7,000 and $8,000. Considering this, the Nepali market can expect the Urban S to be priced competitively, making it a premium offering without compromising on range and performance.

The Evoke Urban S is equipped with a powerful 20 kW hub motor and a 10.04 kWh lithium-ion battery, delivering a peak torque of 209 Nm. Its range of 250 km in the city and top speed of 140 km/h make it a formidable electric bike in its class. With a charging time of just 3 hours thanks to the 1.8 kW onboard charger, the Urban S ensures minimal downtime and maximum riding pleasure.

The design of the Urban S is sporty and stylish, featuring a twin-plate Evo-Frame that offers optimal strength, rigidity, and efficiency. The LED lighting setup, 5-inch TFT display with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and muscular side profile contribute to its overall appeal.

With dual-disc brakes and a combined braking system, the Urban S guarantees reliable stopping power. The inverted fork and mono-shock suspension provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the electric bike boasts a ground clearance of 130 mm and weighs in at 179 kg.

As the Evoke Urban S prepares to make its mark in the Nepali market, anticipation and excitement continue to grow. With its impressive performance, stylish design, and eco-friendly nature, the Urban S is set to revolutionize the electric bike scene in Nepal. Although the exact price has yet to be revealed, the Urban S promises to offer an exceptional riding experience for those seeking a premium electric motorcycle. Keep an eye out for its official release and get ready to embrace the future of sustainable transportation with the Evoke Urban S.

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