Where to find your A-game fashion outfits?

Want to stay on trend or make a statement? But don’t know where to find the iconic pieces in Kathmandu. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered these Nepali brands will surely help you bring you’re A-game on.

T’s Armoire

Run by a female entrepreneur Deeya Yonjan Tamang, T’s Armoire has been the talk of the town since several years. This Nepal based fashion brand has outfits ranging from your Friday night party outfits to Saturday brunch outfits, comfort wears, street wears, swim wears, shoes and many more. T’s armoire has it all, the designs are quite unique too and any new outfit released by them creates a wave of trend in the K-town.

Vanity Drop

Another female led fashion business, Vanity Drop has the trendiest outfits and at the most reasonable prices. If you are a fashion enthusiast,  you must’ve known about their popular ribbah pant. The quality of the outfits here are very decent too.

L’amour Fits

A plethora of product lines ranging from mens, female wears to skincares and makeups, L’amour has it all. Since, the initial inauguration , L’amour fits has always been sought after. One can get fits that compares to the international fashion trends. The clothes quickly sells out due to the remarkable designs and the work that the owner puts in; yet another female led empire in progress.


If you want a pinterest wardrobe Belleza.fits is the one for you. They take customized orders and are known for their accuracy in creating the very same. They make party wears to traditional attires too. You will surely make some head turns slaying those fits.


When it comes to creating a trend in the K’town, Lamuse has always been the one. The fits they create are aesthetically elegant.  They also have classy bags, shoes and beauty products to choose from. Make an outfit from here.

Yara fabulous

Yara fabulous has a physical store in Durbarmarg it has clothes from international brands like shein, zara, etc. One can even pre-order fits as required. Many fashion influencers in KTM has been spotted making a statement with their A-mazing outfits!!!

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