BTS 10th Anniversary: Suga and Jhope Solo Documentaries Screening in Nepal

Join the celebration of BTS’s remarkable journey as Butterfly Films Pvt. Ltd. brings the highly anticipated solo documentaries of BTS stars SUGA and j-hope to the big screen in Nepal. Delve into the personal and inspiring stories of these talented artists as they take on new challenges and pursue their dreams. Get ready to be captivated by j-hope’s courageous journey in “#jhopeInTheBox” and witness SUGA’s transformative adventure in “#SugaRoadToDDay.” Mark your calendars for this unforgettable experience starting on June 17, 2023. Don’t miss this must-watch event that promises an incredible cinematic experience for K-pop fans.

J-hope’s Documentary: #jhopeInTheBox

Embark on a thrilling adventure alongside J-Hope as he faces his fears and steps out of his comfort zone. The documentary “#jhopeInTheBox” chronicles j-hope’s incredible journey of preparing for his appearance at Lollapalooza, the world’s largest music festival. Follow him as he overcomes obstacles, explores his creativity, and showcases his talent on the global stage. Witness the boundless energy and charisma of J-Hope as he embraces new challenges and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

SUGA’s Documentary: #SugaRoadToDDay

Prepare to be inspired by Suga’s extraordinary voyage as he embarks on a fresh chapter in his musical career. The documentary “#SugaRoadToDDay” takes you on a transformative journey as SUGA sets out to rediscover his dreams with his highly anticipated solo album, “AgustD.” Experience the highs and lows, the dedication and passion, as Suga pours his heart and soul into his music. Through his personal story, SUGA’s documentary delivers a powerful message of resilience, artistic growth, and unwavering determination.

From June 17, 2023, onwards, these captivating documentaries will be screened at various theaters, providing fans with an immersive cinematic experience. Butterfly Films Pvt. Ltd. invites K-pop enthusiasts and admirers of BTS to witness the incredible stories of J-Hope and SUGA on the big screen. This is an event you don’t want to miss, as it offers a unique opportunity to connect with the artistic journeys of these talented individuals.

As BTS celebrates a decade of success, the solo documentaries of SUGA and J-Hope provide a glimpse into the personal and creative paths of these extraordinary artists. Supported by Butterfly Films Pvt. Ltd., these screenings in Nepal offer a chance for K-pop fans to immerse themselves in the inspiring narratives of their favorite BTS stars. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or simply curious about their journeys, make sure to mark your calendars for this special event. Get ready to experience the magic of BTS on the big screen. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, and have a fantastic time!

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