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Hyatt Place, located at the serene Tahachal-13, Kathmandu, is the talk of the town. In the retro-futuristic open area known as Zing World of Flavors, you may enjoy delectable Continental, Indian, South Indian, Asian, and Nepali cuisines. This space is adorned with Nepali décor artifacts that harmoniously merge with works of art and photography that capture the spirit of Kathmandu. Depending on your preferences, you may also have your meal in the elegantly decorated outdoor area. The Hyatt Place Kathmandu offers the greatest coffee from Nepal, embracing the country’s aura and endorsing its premium flavor and authenticity.

Morning sets the tone for the rest day! Well, this is indeed true. The Zing World of flavors offers breakfast from 6:30 in the morning to 10am. Anyone can watch their meal being prepared and convey specific requests to the chef- thanks to their large indoor seating area’s integrated open kitchen design. Many people must prefer the outdoor area, especially in the winter when it provides vitamin D and a tranquil atmosphere ideal for breakfasts. Also, the atmosphere is fantastic for lunch and dinner, especially when the lights are on in the evening. It exudes pleasant vibes.

The breakfast buffet contains over twenty dishes everyday; Continental, South Indian, Indian, Asian, Nepalese and Newari cuisines to suit your taste buds. The buffet starts with a range of flakes ranging from museli flakes, cornflakes, and chocolate flakes to dressings like jalapeno, olives, dried nuts and dried fruits. One would have never expected a local authentic Newari breakfast, Gwaramari, to be served here. This deeply fried delicacy has a perfect crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Gwaramari is excellent when served with Masala milk tea in an authentically local glass.

Stir-fried greens and noodles are light and colorful. Different veggies have been chopped up and stir fried. These soft bite noodles are certainly a comfort food for many. The flavors of both are very mild and pleasant with minimal spices. However, one can even add condiments, such as soya sauce, chilly and vinegar to suit individual pallets. For more go-to breakfast options, baked beans, porridge, creamy potato, and sauté vegetables are also available.

The South Indian options are to die for. Sabudana Khichari made of sago, ghee and topped with loads of peanuts is a nutritious option. The Bisi Bele bath is a hot lentil rice dish and fills your stomach to jump start your day. Medu Vada and fritters with fluffy texture are also available. Perfectly shaped and served hot Idli are a must when you’re here. You can also ask the chef to make you a Dosa. Eat it with the rich coconut chutney and Sambar. While you dip the Dosa into tangy, sweet and spicy flavors of Sambar, your taste buds are in for a treat.

If you eat a delicious Paneer Paratha with ghee and a variety of chutneys, you’ll want to lick your fingers. One can also request for a plain or Aloo Paratha. You also have the options of Bhature and Chana Masala to compliment it. Here, Bhature are not greasy at all.

The restaurant serves breakfast to visitors from all over the world, catering to their cravings for meat. The non-veg section is kept separately. Sausages, eggs, poached chicken and bacons are available. Poached chicken, soy sauce, ginger, and scallions are served alongside congee, an eye-catching, distinctive soup composed of rice. Congee is rather mild on its own, but adding chicken and soy sauce intensifies the flavors.

For healthier options, various fruits, fresh juices and cheese platters are kept in a cute rickshaw like dummy-maid.

No meal is completed without some sweetness. The assorted bakeries and pastries give a lot to choose from. On display are several kinds of donuts, croissants, muffins, cinnamon rolls, Danish, and even vibrant macaroons. The standout item is the custard-filled dragon fruit Danish.

Also, the chef can be asked to prepare pancakes and waffles. Both dishes look scrumptious when presented with maple syrup and whipped cream. It is a go-to because of the wonderfully balanced sweetness.

All this for Rs.1500 net per person is a pretty good deal, especially because you can refill it as much you want.

Matke pe Chaska

Matke Pe Chaska, at Hyatt Place Kathmandu from January 27th to February 5th, is highly recommended for those looking for a delectable experience.

Mutton Biryani set cooked and served in earthen ware. The special Matka Biryani with it’s perfect colour has a lovely aroma. Served with gravy also known as Salan and Raita, made of curd and spices, compliments it very well. The star of it all is mutton Pakku. It’s a dry, slow cooked mutton. This popular dish is very tender and rich in spices and flavors. It’s marinated overnight and slowly cooked in a pot. Likewise, cheesecake baked in an earthen ware pot tastes unique compared to other cheesecakes available in the K-town. It is moist and cheesy. The Crème Brule made of egg and yogurt topped with caramelized sugar and topped with dragon fruit has a perfect balance of sweetness. Sunheri Paneer also called golden paneer, just like its name suggests, has a beautiful golden colour to it. The Keshar flavors and the flavor of the pot brings out the richness of Paneer. Biryani is not complete without Lassi. Sabudana Lassi is not what you would normally expect from a Lassi. It has a unique taste. It’s a bit on a saltier side and isn’t sweet but it certainly is refreshing.

“In old days, food was cooked in the earthen ware. We want to bring out the flavor of earthen ware by cooking everything inside it. This is where the inspiration for Matka Ma Chaska comes from”, said the assistant General Manager of Hyatt Place.

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