Coffee lovers, don’t miss out on these places!

Coffee is rapidly gaining popularity in Nepal, where typically tea is widely consumed. It also brings with it a demand for fusions and variations, but most critically for high-quality coffee beans. A calm atmosphere is necessary when drinking coffee, and new cafes are putting an emphasis on being distinctive and Instagram-worthy, while providing a flawless pour. You might want to try these coffee places. You can go there with a friend or with your laptop to finish your work obligations.

Home Sweet Home the Jhamsikhel

Owned by a Japanese, this coffee place located at Jhamsikhel, serves a variety of unique coffees, some imported from Japan itself. They also serve cold brew, Turkish coffee and, while you are here, don’t forget to try out their jelly coffee. 

Mayur Restaurant

Located in the midst of Bhaktapur durbar square, this was is a must go for amazing coffee with beautiful ambiance. A traditional designed restaurant which serves food too but the coffee served here of illy is a must. Don’t forget to get an aesthetic picture since every corner of this place is picture-worthy.

Jalpa Coffee

Another coffee place at Jhamsikhel, this place serves one of the best quality coffees in town. With ample amount of seating outdoors, their indoor seating also creates an appealing ambience. The place is specially cozy at evenings with pretty lights and fun games to play.

BIA café

A vegetarian/vegan café located in the foothills of Swayambhu. This place has loads of books you can read while sipping on some coffee. Alone with a book or two, or with your friends, this place has aesthetic ambience, and a view of Swayambhu is a cherry on top. Coffee

With two outlets, one in Boudha and another at Gyanmandala, has left a mark in the Nepalese coffee scene. They serve varieties of coffee options with a serene ambience. If you do not like very strong coffee, you should definitely go for their beetroot latte.

Bodhi Books and Bakes

With ample seating and lots of books, you can see book lovers indulging in their books. A peaceful environment to sip on your coffee and fulfill your work obligations, it can even be a perfect spot for dates.

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